Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Here, at Lockbriar Farms, we strive to grow the best quality fruits and vegetables possible, using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices and reduced spraying with organic products whenever possible. Although we are not USDA Certified Organic, we grow in a wholesome responsible manner, that’s safe for our family and yours, while being committed to a cleaner, healthier environment for our farm and community.

We are huge believers in the idea of “Farmer’s Helping Farmer’s” and think it’s important to support and co-op with local farms, especially if they’re great at what they do! For example, Wings Landing Farm of Preston, MD, owned by the Quidas family for four generations, supplies some of our sweet corn, cantaloupes and watermelons throughout the summer. Because they are further south, we are able to offer their fresh local produce before it’s available in our county!

To keep up with ‘the new’ we attended conferences every year on new technology, different varieties, and new methods for modern, sustainable farming. We have private consultants who assist with variety selection, disease prevention and growing methods ideal for our location. With a library full of books and information obtained from the University of Maryland Wye Research Center and USDA Fruit Research Station in Kearnysville, W.V., we are able to expand, improve and diversify our produce operation.